Frontera Emerging Markets Sp. z o.o. (LLC)
Disclaimer: We are an originator leading to the top licensed broker-dealer in Azerbaijan and do not charge directly the  
Originated Client.
We are also licensed and regulated in Iran by the Securities and Exchange Organisation (SEO) and possess secure SWIFT-
based money-transfer service through proprietary relationships built with Persian and European banks. It is compliant with  
global foreign remittance standards.
Service principles
Securities marketing
Merchant Banking
1. Safety, security and traceability of the  
Client money is our top priority.
2. We co-invest alongside our Clients.
3. Performance and robustness of fixed-
income portfolio ensures point 1.
We will guide you in investing into the mix  
of high-yield Treasury Bills and Corporate  
Bonds traded in Baku, Azerbaijan. We are  
the marketing agent of issuances on the  
99% over-the-counter market.
We enable you to transact with Iran in euros  
through our proprietrary network of banking  
relationships across Europe and Asia. We  
ensure legality, safety, traceability and zero  
banking counterparty risk.
About Us
Frontera Emerging Markets Limited ("Frontera", "FrontCo")  
is a specialist investment house dedicated to Caucasus,  
Central Asia and Iran. Established by two seasoned  
investment banking professionals trained in London. Each of  
the Partners has nearly ten years of direct corporate finance  
and project finance experience in the emerging markets of  
Europe and Asia. We are dedicated partners for investors  
and businesses across Central Asia frontier markets utilising  
prioprietary network of regional partners, facilitating  
transactions and superior investment returns.
April 2018
Business open to Clients.
Frontera partners the leading broker-dealer in Azerbaijan,  
creates the Conservative Fixed Income Portfolio and  
completes the initial allocation of our own money.
November 2016
Frontera Emerging Markets, as well as each Co-Founder  
have been granted the institutional and individual trading  
licences by the Securities and Exchange Organisation (SEO)  
of Iran.
October 2016
Registration of Frontera Emerging Markets Sp. z o.o. (LLC)  
in Warsaw, Poland by The National Court Register
(KRS: 0000643798)
Invest in Caspian-Sea energy

Emerging-market securities-marketing
intermediary dedicated to Central Asia's
frontier economies
Realise superior bond-
equivalent returns

We are invested-in and offering
Azerbaijani Conservative Fixed Income
Portfolio yielding at least 7,31% IRR

Exploit investment
opportunities on the 99% 
over-the-counter market
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